CAROL A. DUANE ♦ Candidate for President-Elect, American Chemical Society


Candidate statement

Thank you for considering me for President-elect of the American Chemical  Society. This is an opportune time for ACS to embrace our reputation as a global voice for chemistry, and I would be honored to lead us and confirm our value as the recognized authority for our science, our enterprise, and our professionals.

We can do this by empowering our members to be highly effective professionals – successful recognized leaders and high performing scientists; by forming powerful collaborations between our technical divisions and industry leaders in the chemical enterprise to address solutions for the world’s critical issues; and by fostering innovation and foresight to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people. 

Empower members 

A fully empowered membership will enhance ACS’ reputation as the authoritative resource and advocate of science for the world. I believe leaders are critical for organizations to excel, extraordinary leaders make a significant difference for an organization, and an organization cannot have too many great leaders. 

As ACS president my primary goal will be to leverage our successful established leadership programs to create more opportunities to build the leadership competencies that empower our members to excel and advance in their professional lives and careers. Highly effective professionals and successful leaders will enhance ACS as a pre-eminent scientific voice for the chemistry enterprise and its practitioners. 

Powerful collaborations

Our technical divisions showcase the multi-faceted aspects of the science of chemistry and its potential applications. The corporations in the chemistry business world excel at actualizing the potential of research ideas and converting them to practical uses. As partners, they could form a powerful combination to apply chemistry solutions to the world’s major issues. My experience in developing business alliances and industry–association collaborations will be of advantage in finding opportunities to collaborate on a significant level.

Strategic Future

ACS recognizes that a strategic eye to the future and well considered planning is vital for our organization. Not only have we developed a Strategic Plan for the overall society, the emphasis on strategic thinking is permeating all layers of the society. In seven years, we’ve built a program that helps ACS committees, divisions and local sections plan for and bring about a strategic future under the umbrella of the overall ACS strategic plan. 

Throughout the numerous corporate restructurings, ownership changes, and business reinventions I experienced, I saw that finding a strategic purpose and developing innovative strategies was the key to establishing a successful enterprise.

As ACS president, I will encourage strategic thinking and planning throughout the society so we can find ways to fulfill ACS’ mission to promote and support chemistry and its practitioners as the global champion of improving people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry. 

Giving back

I started volunteering in ACS for my benefit, but things changed along the way when I realized our contributions can make a difference. 

Now it’s time to take bold ambitious steps to improve people’s lives. With empowered and engaged professionals and the problem-solving duo of chemists plus enterprise leaders, we have the wherewithal. We can step up to be the world’s big voice in creating awareness of global issues and spearheading efforts to attack them. As ACS President, I would like to lead you in these endeavors.